MicroStrain Joins HBK

A Partnership Forged in Precision and Innovation

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3DM-GV7 Series

Tactical Grade Inertial Sensor in a Miniature Ruggedized Package

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3DM-CV7 Series

Tactical Grade Performance for OEM Applications

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Battery powered wireless 3-axis accelerometer in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.

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Highest Performance Tactical Grade Dual Antenna GNSS/INS

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G-Series Sensors

High Performance Industrial Grade Inertial Sensors

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M-Series Sensors

Ruggedized Inertial Sensors Built for Extreme Environments

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ROS Support

Sensors Built for Easy ROS Integration

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Why Microstrain?

Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies. We thrive on solving the world's most challenging engineering problems, serving a broad array of markets with industry-leading inertial sensors, and delivering an extraordinary customer experience across all channels. With an unmatched dedication to innovation, we're committed to providing solutions that make lives easier today while preparing for tomorrow's challenges.


Design your own sensing system based on these measurement PARAMETERS.

Latest blog posts

MicroStrain to Join the HBK Family


MicroStrain Sensing Systems is excited to announce its integration into the HBK family, following the successful acquisition by Spectris plc (SXS: LSE). This move has been finalized on September...

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Unveiling the 3DMCV7 Tactical Grade Inertial Sensors


The 3DMCV7 sensors offer tactical grade inertial performance in the smallest and lightest OEM package yet. Specifically designed for high volume OEM robotics applications, the 3DMCV7 sensors...


Further your career in a cutting-edge industry with vibrant, motivated colleagues. Our technologies are used in vital applications around the world, giving you the opportunity to make a difference on a global scale.

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Sensor Spotlight: CV7 Series

Tactical grade value-focused embeddable IMU/VRU, IMU/AHRS, and INS. Individually calibrated for optimal performance. Cutting-edge orientation algorithms, advanced time management, and flexible event triggering system make this ideal for mobile robotics applications.


MicroStrain is committed to quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service. We are recipients of the prestigious National Tibbetts Award for exemplary achievement in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, and our sensing solutions have earned multiple accolades, including several Best-of Sensors Expo awards.

Our products are AS9100C and ISO 9001-compliant and backed by our award-winning sales and support team. Through a combination of in-house assembly and components supplied by certified manufacturers, we offer the highest quality products at the most efficient cost. Each sensor is tested and calibrated for quality assurance and reliability.

When It Matters

Sensors built to take on your most challenging applications. When it matters, choose MicroStrain.

Microstrain Vibration, Temperature, Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicle Sensors

Microstrain’s inertial and wireless sensors detect and monitor vibration and temperature on a manned, unmanned, and autonomous vehicles. For aerial vehicles, our sensors report position, velocity, and attitude. In ground vehicles, our sensors provide localization and mapping. Use Sensor Cloud to capture and organize data.

All-In-One Navigation with MicroStrain 3DMGQ7 - GNSS/INS

The 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS is an all-in-one navigation solution featuring centimeter-level position accuracy. A dual-antenna RTK-enabled INS delivers outstanding performance, even in unpredictable conditions. The GQ7 is the best single-vendor RTK navigation solution available to eliminate programming time and enable manufactures to develop new innovations faster than ever before.

Sensors Used to Gather Data on eVTOL Prototype

A prototype eVTOL created by Beta Technologies to deliver human organs for critical transplant operations. MicroStrain sensors were used to accurately capture critical measurements in many environments to ensure successful missions.