S-LVDT S-LVDT, Subminiature, Free Core, Displacement Sensor

Designed specifically for tight spaces, this small LVDT delivers high performance in a small package with longer stroke lengths than our M-Series. Precision-machined components provide a smooth static and dynamic response. Pair with a MicroStrain signal conditioner and optimize for a high bandwidth/response rate or resolution with low temperature drift. Extremely lightweight, spring-loaded cores are tiny, yet rugged. Superelastic, corrosion-resistant alloys provide resistance to kinking and permanent deformation and allow for submersion of the instrument.


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  • Sub-millimeter to ±19 millimeter calibrated stroke ranges available
  • High stroke to body length ratio: typically 1:3
  • Accurate output: up to +/-0.1% FS with included calibration
  • Balanced coil inherently temperature compensated
    • Offset: 0.0029% FS/°C (typical)
    • Span: 0.030% FS/°C (typical)


  • Designed for use with LORD high performance signal conditioners
  • Analog outputs (Demod-DC, Demod-DVRT-2):
    • 0-5V, 0-10V
    • 800 Hz bandwidth (typical), factory adjustable 10hz to 20kHz for higher bandwidth (lower resolution) or higher resolution (lower bandwidth)
    • Unique calibration curves provided with each unit for optimal accuracy
  • Digital Outputs (Demod-DIGITAL)
    • High resolution, linearized, engineering unit output
    • 10Hz bandwidth, 100 samples/sec
    • RS232 serial communications
    • 24-bit A/D
    • SensorConnect display and data logging software


  • 316 SST body material (400 series option)
  • 316 SST Core Material
  • 4.8mm diameter sensor body
  • 1.8mm diameter Teflon-coated cable
  • -55°C to 175°C operating temperature range

Use Cases

Inline Process Verification

Rugged, environmentally insensitive sensors are ideally suited for integration into a multitude of in-line production process verification tasks.

Miniature size allows access to nearly any feature.

Many “standard” features can be customized to fit a specific application:

  • custom calibrated stroke ranges
  • modified body or core lengths
  • hermetic or “pressure-equalized” versions

Machine Displacement Feedback

Miniature sensors allow for integration into complex mechanical assemblies for displacement feedback of mechanical grippers, relative position of targets and closed loop position control.

Adjustable filtering allows for high bandwidth which enables quick feedback and responsive machine control systems.

Test & Measurement

Multiple sizes, stroke lengths, accuracy, and filter settings provide sensors for every test and measurement application.

Calibrated displacement systems shortens startup time and ensures accurate results out of the box.

Integration with our wireless sensors (V-Link-200 for example) enables rapid integration and the added features of SensorConnect and/or SensorCloud.







SensorConnect is the next generation in desktop sensing software.

From configuration of nodes and starting networks, to collecting and analyzing data in real-time, SensorConnect provides a modern, powerful experience with our Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement products.

Using our intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms, you are able to visualize massive amounts of data instantly, and then zoom in on points of interest just as fast.

Built in MathEngine functionality allows for both real-time and post-processed math, such as generating FFTs, averages, RMS, etc.

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