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3DM-GX1® combines three angular rate gyros with three orthogonal DC accelerometers, three orthogonal magnetometers, multiplexer, 16 bit A/D converter, and embedded microcontroller, to output its orientation in dynamic and static environments.

Operating over the full 360 degrees of angular motion on all three axes, 3DM-GX1® provides orientation in matrix, quaternion and Euler formats. The digital serial output can also provide temperature compensated, calibrated data from all nine orthogonal sensors at update rates of 350 Hz.

Networks of 3DM-GX1® nodes can be deployed by using the built-in RS-485 network protocol. Embedded microcontrollers relieve the host system from the burden of orientation calculations, allowing deployment of dozens of 3DM-GX1® nodes with no significant decrease in system throughput.

Output modes and software filter parameters are user programmable. Programmed parameters and calibration data are stored in nonvolatile memory.


Product no longer stocked – limited availability

Contact for pricing and lead time--a minimum order quantity may apply

Datasheet Manual

  • On-board processing/filtering of accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer outputs
  • Fully temperature compensated
  • Calibrated for sensor misalignment and gyro G-sensitivity
  • Supports hard iron field calibration
  • Outputs Euler angles, quaternions and orientation matrix
  • RS-232, RS-485 and analog output options
  • Small, lightweight and low power
Orientation Range 360˚ full scale (FS), all axes (Matrix, Quaternion modes)
Accelerometer range +/- 5 g standard
+/- 1.7 g and +/- 18 g also available (+/- 18 g may require export license)
Accelerometer bias stability +/- 0.005 g for +/- 5 g range
+/- 0.003 g for +/- 1.7 g range
+/- 0.010 g for +/- 18 g range
Accelerometer Nonlinearity 0.2%
Gyro range +/- 300°/sec standard
+/- 1200°/sec, +/- 600°/sec, +/- 50°/sec also available
Gyro Nonlinearity 0.2%
Gyro Bias Stability* 0.7˚/sec
Magnetometer Nonlinearity 0.4%
Magnetometer Bias Stability* .010 Gauss
Orientation Resolution < 0.1˚ minimum
Repeatability 0.20˚
A/D Resolution 16 bits
Accuracy ±0.5˚ typical for static test conditions, ±2˚ typical for dynamic (cyclic) test conditions and for arbitrary orientation angles
Output Modes Matrix, Quaternion, Euler angles and 9 scaled sensors with temperature
Digital Outputs Serial RS-232 and RS-485 optional with software programming
Analog Output Option 0-5 volts FS for Euler angles (pitch ±90, roll ±180, yaw 360˚)
Digital Output Rates 100 Hz for Euler, Matrix, Quaternion; 350 Hz for nine orthogonal sensors only
Serial Data Rate 19.2/38.4/115.2 Kbaud, software programmable
Supply Voltage 5.2 VDC min., 12 VDC max.
Supply Current 65 milliamps
Connectors One keyed LEMO, two for RS-485 option
Operating Temperature -40˚ to +70˚ C with enclosure; -40˚ to +85˚ C without enclosure
Enclosure (w/tabs) 64 mm x 90 mm x 25 mm
Weight 74.6 gr. with enclosure, 25.8 gr. without enclosure
Shock Limit 1000 G's (unpowered); 500 G's (powered)

*Accuracy and stability specifications obtained over operating temperatures of -40˚ to +70˚ C with known sine and step inputs, including angular rates of ± 300 degrees per second.