LORD MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes offer a streamlined solution for remote and embedded monitoring that eliminates the need to install or maintain wires. Our wireless nodes support a wide range of sensor types and packaging options, allowing users to quickly configure their optimal network. Furthermore, low-power designs are coupled with internal batteries, and optional energy harvesters, for long-term application.


LORD Sensing’s wireless 8-channel analog input sensor, ideal for precise measurement of a variety of conditions


The G-Link-200 includes an on-board triaxial accelerometer that allows high-resolution data acquisition with extremely low noise and drift.


The G-Link-200-OEM provides the same performance and features of the G-Link-200 in a size reduced footprint.


Specialized high-speed node designed for synchronized, periodic burst sampling of piezoelectric devices


Specialized analog sensor node designed to fit over rotating shafts for wireless strain and torque measurements


Small, low-cost two-channel analog sensor node ready for OEM integration


Specialized node designed for data acquisition from up to six standard thermocouples and an optional relative humidity sensor

What does MEMS mean?

Microelectromechanical systems is the technology of microscopic devices, particularly those with moving parts. MEMS are made up of components between 1 and 100 micrometers and generally range in size from 20 micrometers to a millimeter.