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    Authored by Galbreath, J. et al., at MicroStrain, Inc.: 2003
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    Monday, July 27, 2015 - 11:30

High-speed wireless sensor network with user-triggered and event-triggered data streaming capabilities enables long-term bridge interrogation under numerous operating conditions.

Civil-Structure-Wireless-Strain-MonitoringAging civil infrastructure presents a need for an inexpensive, easy to install strain monitoring system. Servicing and installation can form a large portion of the expense of such a system, since human access to civil structures often requires specialized equipment, liability insurance, and vehicle traffic control. Hard-wired systems increase this human access component, with the system distributed over a larger area on the structure. In contrast, a wireless strain monitoring system only requires access to desired measurement areas, reducing the human access component, and ultimately reducing the cost of implementation.

MicroStrain’s wireless strain sensor can be quickly installed, without damaging the target structure. It can be deployed for long periods of time, with a collecting strain data at 2 kHz with a resolution of +/-1.5 microstrain. With a low power sleep mode and 30 minute sampling interval, this system is estimated to operate for 5 years on one 3.6V Li-Ion AA battery. The result enables bridge operators to apply remote, high resolution monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost.