• Posted
    Sunday, February 2, 2020 - 10:45

Real-time health monitoring of high value assets

Application Study - Machine Health Monitoring
Reducing unplanned downtime in the oil and gas industry: use of the SensorCloud™ platform allows operators to characterize machine fatigue, perform predictive analysis, improve system design, and setup monitoring of real-time operating conditions.

Rigorous use conditions - Oil and gas rigs operate in complex vibration environments. Characterizing and predicting failure of major components is key in reducing project cost and downtime.

Live performance monitoring - With SensorCloud monitoring, equipment performance can be tracked during operation for failure conditions . Data can be analyzed further for predictive modeling.

  • Scalable big-data visualization & real-time SMS and email alerting
  • Ultra-reliable & secure data archival
  • Flexible and programmable data analytics
  • White-label branding, embeddable widgets & custom portals