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    LORD MicroStrain
  • Posted
    Monday, July 27, 2015 - 10:15

MicroStrain’s 3DM-DH3™ downhole sensor is an obsolete product. The application note is included for historical reference


Downhole orientation sensor and datalogger for drilling accuracy

LORD MicroStrain’s 3DM-DH3™ sensor is:
∙ a cost-effective downhole orientation solution
∙ driven by hi-res MEMS accels and magnetometers
∙ factory-calibrated over fully operational temp range
∙ small, lightweight, low-power, and plug-and-play ready
∙ ideal for oil, gas, mineral, and water well projects

The 3DM-DH3’s advanced MEMS measurement tools are factory-calibrated for out-of-the-box directional surveying, enabling oil, gas, mineral, & water drill operators to maximize the integrity and uptime of their various wells at a highly cost-effective price point.