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    Parker MicroStrain
  • Posted
    Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 11:30

Inertial Sensors take wave motion out of the Geological Survey of Israel Dead Sea Eddy Covariance evaporation study

Watt-Link Wireless Energy MeteringInertial sensors take out rotational and translational noise from evaporation study

The Dead Sea Valley is a unique micro-climate. Evaporation studies report loss of 1 meter of water per year. The Geological Survey of Israel has two instrument stations onshore, and one mounted on a buoy, at the southern end of the lake. Buoy data is more sensitive to lake evaporation and hydrodynamics, but it's contaminated by the 2-3' waves, which result in rotation and translation of the instrument positions. MicroStrain's inertial sensor allows GSI to 'decontaminate' the resulting data.